Rumors have been spreading of a celebrity sex tape video featuring Angelina Jolie and her ex before Brad Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton staring in the Billy Bob Thornton sex tape video. If you remember when Angelina was dating Billy Bob you will remember several times they showed up to events half naked after just having sex on the ride to the events.

Well the story goes a limo driver recorded footage (about 30 minute run time) of Angelina and Billy from his cell phone video camera and is asking for… ready for this… 5Million cash. The problem is the guy who “has the video” will not even show the video to anyone without a non-refundable 100k deposit and top adult companies are not willing to take a chance of 100k if the video turns out to be very poor quality or even not legit. The other issue will be licensing the video as Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie have said recently when asked about the footage that if there is video of them neither of them will sign anything and will sue instantly.

We tried contacting reps for Billy over the Billy Bob Thornton sex tape video scandal, however we have not heard back. figures…

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