Brand new Blac Chyna sex tape video rumors are circulating of the Urban modeling queen whose real name is Angela Renée White. Blac Chyna who became famous for her spread in Straight Stuntin’ Magazine, Black Men’s magazine and BFF with Amber Rose has been quick to diss the rumors, though says now she is totally up for selling the porn videos full and uncut she does have, possibly with Rob Kardashian. If you love big booties we are going to go out on a limb and say this one along with the Amber Rose leaked sex videos would be must see videos for sure.

There is two different tapes to talk about, with the first one is supposedly showing Black Chyna in a skimpy black outfit and starts out with her taking care of herself while Tyga is said to be filming the entire ordeal… After some time passes of Chyna doing her own thing I guess it became to much for Tyga as he put the camera down facing the couple and dove in to finish her off himself. There is a ton of Blac Chyna fans in the hip hop community and prison system (Straight Stuntin’ is one of the only “naughty” magazines approved by the DOJ). Anyways, the full porn video is said to be really good and that she damn near breaks Tyga in half. We personally have seen the video and can say that the faces and tattoos match perfectly. Either way the video is real good and the booty on the woman on the tapes is bootylicius for sure with plenty of bouncing in the videos. The other tapes out there that Blac has confirmed herself are with her now boyfriend Rob Kardashian, however they are holding on to them as a piggy bank. Break in case of being broke asses.

[UPDATE] – The tape that is making rounds is said to have been leaked by some of Tyga’s homies that had seen the sex video and had tried to shop it to a few select underground porn companies. Though as we all know by now… you need that permission by at least one participant to license a sex tape, unless you go offshore with it like we can with our contacts. There is also talk of… if you can believe it, a sex tape that has surfaced of Blac’s mother! We have looked into the video and it does appear to be the real deal, though not very appealing to say the least.

[UPDATE] – Tyga said he did not have s**t to do with any nude images or video from his phone getting leaked to the public and if he finds out the content is authentic “heads will roll”. Yikes, not really sure we would want to screw with Tyga… he seems like the kind of guy that would shoot you just for fun. Blac is also known to hang tight with two other big booty chicks we all know well Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose… who both had no comment on the most recent scandal of their friend Blac as they have had their own sex tape rumors to deal with lately themselves.

[UPDATE] – In a wierd turn of events, Blac’s mom has been busted in her own older large milf sex tapes from like 10 years ago. We have seen the tape and if you are into the whole older large milf type thing. You may want to check it out.

[UPDATE] – Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are now engaged to be married and in a recent interview, Chyna was asked if she plans on following Kim Kardashians cookbook for success. “I do not know why everyone is tripping we already have sex tapes together (Rob and Chyna). Will we make more, hell yes, we love filming ourselves having sex. With Rob getting fit now, he just can’t get enough. Is there a chance we may let the public watch them, sure, there is always a chance. This does not settle well with the family that was established after Kim K’s leaked video in 2007.

[UPDATE] – A new confirmed real sex tape of Blac Chyna has just hit the net. The video leaked via a annonymous Twitter account that was quickly taken down, but not before many of us were able to nab the footage. Chyna can be seen plain as day giving some guy said to be Mechie a great blow job for about 3min, then goes on having sex in multipal positions for about 15min. Video quality is very good and there is no doubt this is in fact Blac, and she has officially lawyered up and is asking the feds to find out who leaked the video. Though we have heard rumors that Blac has already been in talks with Vivid Entertainment on monetization efforts.

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