English singer and songwriter George Alan O’Dowd or better known as Boy George has been caught up in more scandals than you can even imagine and at times has cost the celeb dearly, but now the rumors of a gay sex tape video with the 80’s musician is the latest he has had to deal with.

There is about 1hr total of nude exposed videos featuring the lead singer of the popular 80’s group Culture Club engaging in what some would say are very extreme gay bondage films. There is one video that features George tying up his male lover that is dressed in black leather from head to toe and then proceeds to whip on him as they both are screaming with what appears to be pleasure. This is not to be confused with the man “male hooker” that sued him and caused all his problems where he ended up in jail and had to complete a ton of community service.

Calls to Boy George’s reps have not been returned but George had a special on 20/20 where he talked about his strong sexual appetite for young fit men and even went over some of the videos that had been said to leak of him. claiming “I make no apologizes for my sexual desire, wants and needs, it is what it is”. You tell em babe!

[UPDATE] – Boy George just had yet another video of him leak showing him jerking off a once again tied up young professional male named Jared Tie from London. Jared told reporters that the pop star has “s**t tons” of videos and records sexual experiences with partners all the time.

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