Bret Michaels Rocker and Rock of Love Star does have some nice little sex tapes that he made during his hardcore party rock star days and not the Bret Michaels sex tape video have leaked to the net.

Bret is one hell of a lover as he shows in the Bret Michaels sex tape video and well as a rocker he shows us all in his yummy skills.

Watch Brett take on Pamela Anderson with authority, making Pam suck his willie while grabbing the back of her head and then proceeds to bang her very well. He also has a nice little tape with Janine Lindemulder that was supposedly the first time Janine was with a man and not a woman, crazy s**t. Rock of Love Baby!

Calls to Bret’s management came back: “Yes the videos feature Bret in the sex tapes and the videos in question are being taken seriously”.

[UPDATE] – Seems as though being a rock star is all it is cracked up to be as a box of sex tapes featuring women from all over the world have been leaked after being stolen out of Rikki Rockett’s house. The videos show groupies, young girls, cougars and even wives with wedding rings on having sex with band members, mates, security personal etc etc. The videos are random being filmed by both the person receiving the sexual favors and by mates just recording laughing about catching their friend having sex with some random chick. If your wife is a Poison fan, you better check these videos out and make sure she was not on the list.