#OhNoBriana has been trending lately due to the leaked sex tape video that is said to be Briana Jungwirth with two men at the same time. The mother of One Directions Louis Tomlinson’s baby is no stranger to these type of scandals as nude content leaked back in October and November 2015 that had fans swearing up and down that the woman in the video was in fact Briana.

We have taken look at both videos and can say that the second one with the couple of nude men in it is definitely not Briana and we agree with GossipCop on that fact. However, the first video that leaked back in November does in fact look to be Briana having sex. The video starts out slow and goes to hyper speed real quick with what appears to be Briana giving him head and then turning around and letting the male also said to be Louis hit it from behind and spill his man love all over her back and private parts. The video is filmed with a very good camera phone in a POV format and the time lasts about 16 minutes total. We must say regardless of whether or not it is her and we do believe the first video definitely is her, they are both worth a look at to vote for yourself.

[UPDATE] – Several main stream media reports are reporting what we did first, that the video being talked about right now and trending on social media is not Briana but the one leaked in Nov appears to be the One Direction’s baby mama.

[UPDATE] – Briana was asked flat out about the sex tape that is being said to be of her with the two men leaked recently and she replied: “Come on ya’ll I would not do something like that have a brain.” She was then asked about the video and nude photos that leaked in November and she turned away without comment. Most users that watch the video from November say it is in fact Briana, take a look for yourself and see what you think.

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