Brooke Mueller is an American socialite and an occasional actress that is most famous for her marriage to mega celeb Charlie Sheen and always wearing see through outfits, could now be more famous than ever according to reports with the Brooke Mueller sex tape video that is being talked about on the net. Both Brooke and Charlie are well known in the industry for their drug use and alternative lifestyles.

The video is said to feature Brooke having sex with what appears to be Denise Richards after a hard night of alcohol induced braveness at a very massive looking house all recorded on what could only be Charlie Sheen’s (you never see the males face) cell phone who also gets to play with both the girls. Run time is said to be about 18min and 15 of that is a mega puntang eating contest between Brooke and Denise, watching her toe’s curling before she turns around and lets the camera man thought to be Charlie have at the two from behind for the rest of the video is simply amazing.

We of course saw this one coming and had reported in the past that something like this would eventually happen, we just didn’t think we would be so lucky for it to involve Denise… all you have to do is look at the amount of drugs they have done, people Brooke hangs out with (bff with Denise Richards, Rebecca Gayheart, Kathy and the sex tape queen Paris Hilton) and history would be made.

Calls to Brooke’s reps have been returned: “Brooke is telling us that the female in the group sex video is not her”. Really?… How many blonds that look like Brooke have had sex with a woman that looks like Denise being filmed by a male that could very well be Charlie Sheen in a fat ass mansion? LMAO… I guess we will continue to let the public decide for themselves on this one.

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