You know and love her… Cameron Diaz one of Hollywood’s favorite actresses best known for her roles in hit movies like “There’s Something About Marry” and “Charlie’s Angels” has been caught up a few different nude celebrity situations of her very own.

Cameron had originally demanded an injunction to stop photographer John Rutter from trying to exploit nude photographs and video footage of her back in June of 2003 that she did wen she was only 19 years old and looking for work in the acting community. The tapes almost seems to be of professional quality and features Cameron in a black leather outfit that seems to have a bit of a bondage feel. There is also a video of what is said to be Diaz the same day blowing the director/producer in his car that was recorded by the director himself who confirmed that he did have video of Cameron performing some sexual acts.

Calls to Cameron’s reps have gone un-returned however she has talked about this day before saying that she was a hungry actor and would have taken about any job to pay the bills and eat.

[UPDATE] – Cameron Diaz has been recently caught up in another video scandal with non other than well hung baseball player Alex Rodriguez that has slept with tons of hot celebs and is known for his size in the lower region. The video that is said to be Cameron shows her going down on a very thick we might add male that appears to be Alex and doing a great “job” of handling his wood. We have watched the tape in question and will leave it up to users to decide if they feel it is her or not… We are leaning towards no because you never really get a good shot of the faces and the video itself is pretty darn grainy in quality.

[UPDATE] – Cameron is now the leading actress in the new Sex Tape Movie that is set to release in the Summer of 2014. We have to say that we believe there would be no better actress to portray the homemade sex tape business than Cameron Diaz, she is a great actress and we feel will totally hit the role on the head seeing as though she herself has been involved in nude celebrity scandals. Good Luck Cameron on the Movie, we are pulling for you!

[UPDATE] – Sex Tape the movie hit theaters and did pretty darn good. We have seen the movie and think that it was great and very funny, though we are a bit biased in the industry. Reviews give the movie about 3 out of 5 stars so far. If you are looking for a funny comedy with a beautiful actress go see Cameron Diaz in “Sex Tape” the movie.

[UPDATE] – Cameron Diaz has been caught up in another scandal this time involving ex Jared Leto. According to reports the couple made a tape sometime between 1999 and 2003 that made its way into the hands of someone that is shopping the tape to the highest bidder. We have been in contact and gotten clips and are in talks to get the entire video. Story developing…

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