Banging hot South African Victoria’s Secret supermodel Candice Swanepoel had her sex tape with Hermann Nicolai leaked according to recent reports out of South Africa. The video was said to have been filmed in 2009 from a Saxon Hotel room and the camera that filmed the session was stolen out of the room. Staff and authorities are being extremely tight lipped about the leaked video.

Content wise the video is said to be of very high quality and about 40min in run time. There is playing around, sexual talk and downright hardcore sex scenes filmed by the male in the video said to be that of Hermann. The video shows what appears to be Hermann videoing and asking her what she would like to do now that they have some free time. We were unable to confirm whether or not she had a shoot at the same time. Then he puts the recording device down on the night stand and records the entire 40 minute romp-fest. There is a lot of moaning and rolling around with the male on top and then she mounts him and rides away into the sunset. The only downside is that a lot of the video has the covers covering up the action but there is plenty of times they do not have the covers around them.

We put out calls to the couples reps and have not heard anything back yet. So, we then called staff at the hotel and they forwarded us to local authorities working on the case who also had no comment at this time. There is also rumors that the entire camera being stolen thing is a hoax and that Hermann was the one that leaked the video and is blaming the hotel, though we can not confirm this.

[UPDATE] – The blame game has started as the Hotel is saying that through the internal investigation they can find no evidence of theft from the room and authorities are confirming that hotel security footage shows no un-authorized entry. Uh Oh, Hermann LOL We will continue to watch this one closely to see who gets the blame.