Supermodel Cara Delevingne has been caught up in what is said to be one of the first full blown lesbian sex tapes porn videos ever made and features her former girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez! Rumors hit after a video surfaced in late 2014 that several sources confirmed to have watched.

The tape shows Cara and at the time girlfriend Michelle drinking and having a good time texting and taking selfies. The next thing you know they are both naked sucking on each others face and caressing each others bodies. Soon it gets real interesting as Michelle supposedly goes down on Cara and licks her like a champ forcing Cara into what appears to be convulsions (orgasm). The weird thing is that there is another un-known male that pops in and out of the video. Cara has gone on record stating she is bi-sexual and very into experimentation.

Cara was asked about the scandal with Michelle in front of St. Vincent her current partner at a local London nightclub and she ignored the paparazzi and looked as though she was not happy with the question that was asked in front of her current lover/partner.

[UPDATE] – Michelle Rodriguez just went on the record saying that she did in fact have a relationship with Cara, so there is yet another one of the puzzle pieces confirmed!