Cardi B has no shame in her game, coming out on Instagram recently after a sex tape with her man Offset hit the web.

In the social media world Cardi is very well known to have no filter stating: “I do with my ni**ga what I like, and fu** you if you judge me.” or “I love sex, what the fu** is wrong with that haters.” or “What I do with my man is my business, if you want to see it, just watch me then you can see one of the BIG reasons we together.”

The video is smoking hot, and offset seems to be packing the goods all men wish they had. The video starts with her twerking in front of offset and then quickly moves into a doggy-style show, as Offset could not contain himself anymore.

Cardi has been in major beef with Nicki Minaj (who has her own past sex tape rumors) now for a while, and after the video surfaced of Cardi and Offset, Nicki simply said, she watched it and of course she (Cardi) looks like a stank ass hoe.

All we can say is the video is hot, let’s have some more of that shi*t!

[UPDATE] Offset claims that the video is him in the video… We get it, Offset you will now be chased by damn near every piece of ass in town now that they have seen that. Reminds us of a guy named Ray J who showed Kim Kardashian what BIG really is.