A nude sex tape video of Carmen Electra falling all over the place butt naked and drunk has leaked to the net and we grabbed the video while the getting was good.

Carmen, best known for starring in Baywatch with Pamela Anderson (well known for her own sex tapes), and her spread in Playboy magazine and dating celebrities like Dennis Rodman, Dave Navarro and Simon Cowell. However now she could get a huge boost in her career as the Carmen Electra sex tape video is said to be available for download.

The video features Carmen at a hotel in LA after attending what was must have been a smashing party as Carmen was smashing drunk and dressed in a little black dress with no panties. She is in the hotel room with a bottle in hand kissing on another girl talking about making a sex tape with her. You see Carmen’s recently shaved private parts however there is no full blown sex tape video as of yet unfortunately.

Calls to Carmen’s reps have been un-returned though Carmen commented on the video in question to the paparazzi and said “I have no apologizes, I was just having a great time with some really good friends and the whole thing was caught on video”. You tell em babe!