American model and actress most well known for her cover in the famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Carolyn Murphy has been caught up in her very own scandal after reports have surfaced that her ex=husband leaked the Carolyn Murphy sex tape video to the public.

The videos entire run time is an amazing 2hrs that was shot over a 2week time frame in Barbados during the their honeymoon featuring Carolyn and her very fit ex surfer husband Jake Schroeder having sex in every single position possible. The outdoor scenes are the best as they go at it while people walk by them and neither of them misses a beat but giggle about it a bit and the dancing around naked in front of palm trees would make any man go crazy. Carolyn blames Jake for the entire scandal and the leaking of the videos saying: “his story that they where stolen is complete bull s**t, Jack leaked the videos to hurt me and my reputation.”

Calls to Carolyn’s reps have been returned: “Jack is the individual behind leaking the tapes to the net, he can lye about it all he wants but I know and he knows that he did it on purpose because he is a sad little man.”

[UPDATE] – Unbelievably about another 1hr video of the couple in their home after the honeymoon has now hit the net and features more of the same quality boning we all have seen while they where in Barbados.

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