Former NFL superstar wide receiver Chad Johnson or better known in the NFL community as “Ochocinco” when he played for the Bengals, has been caught up in his very own celebrity naughty porn video involving not one but two females that where loving every minute of Chad Johnson and all of his glory on Christmas day.

The video was recorded sometime in 2009 with a run time of about 45min and the the two girls in the videos are absolute bombshells taking care of the Johnson (giggle) with a lot of oral and of course letting him hit it as much as he wants (he took full advantage of that we might add). There is a ton of giggling and playing around in the video but when it is time to go to “work” Chad does not disappoint, though for a man in that good of shape we kinda figured as much. Ex-wife Evelyn Lozada has gone on record stating she was not surprised and the videos where filmed before the couple where an item and also said you would not believe the amount of sex tapes there really is out there of famous athletes, it’s crazy.

Calls to Chads reps have not been returned, however he did go on record saying that his attorneys are going to try and remove the videos. Now we know for a fact Chad is broke as a joke and even Hulk Hogan was not able to get his video removed so we think the chances of Chad getting his naughty xxx videos removed is probably not going to happen.

[UPDATE] – Chad also went on record to verify the videos are the real deal and he wants to know who leaked the videos asap. We are not sure why he wants the videos taken down so bad.

[UPDATE] – Chad Johnson has now pulled a “Hulk Hogan” contacting the FBI for help in tracking down how the videos leaked. Doesn’t the FBI have better things to be doing than worrying about Chad’s tapes? Seems like a waste of government resources to us.

[UPDATE] – Chad has been able to pull the video and images from 2 sites using a nasty cease and desist letter and filed a hefty lawsuit though as we all know by now, after a video hits the net it can never be completely “yanked” from people that want to see it.

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