Chanelle Jade Hayes that became famous after her stint on the famous Big Brother series and is now a well known television personality, singer and model has been caught up in her own little sex tape video scandal that is super hot! The “leak” came after her showing on Big Brother and though the tape was just so so, it did in fact boost her career into many other avenues including a shoot with world famous Playboy, modeling premier lines and even a record deal.

The tape shows Chanelle and an unknown male getting it on with spanking and a lot of loud as s**t moaning that at times seems way fake. But hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right ladies. ;) Anyways, after the couple go at it for a while you can really tell that she totally set this up to be released as she makes sure in the entire video that she “looks good” while doing the deed and even talks to the camera. We are not sure but when was the last time you talked with a camera while getting your field plowed? Hmm we thought so as well.

Calls to Chanelle’s reps have not been returned because we can not find who her reps are but we call what was said to be a close friend of hers looking for a comment and thus far we have not received any call back. Though it does not really matter she has already gone on record: “Yeah, I made the sex tape and am upset that it was leaked by someone but it is what it is and I will just have to deal with it.” Yeah right, you did not want the footage leaked… lol

UPDATE – Local paparazzi caught up with Chanelle recently and asked her about the tapes and again she said it sucked that they leaked but that she does not give a s**t who sees her anymore. Well we say sweet, guess we will watch them again.

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