Carlos Irwin Estévez (Warlock) or best known as Charlie Sheen who is an American actor with roles in hit 80’s movies like Platoon, The Wraith and Wall Street and television series Two and a Half Men by CBS and Warner Bros. may have just added to his blockbuster hits with the Charlie Sheen sex tape video that has hit the web.

As we all know by now Charlie seems to be at the center of all celebrity scandals with his drug abuse, love of fast cars and even faster women! The sex tapes in question are of what is said to be Charlie with a stripper in Las Vegas that was completely set up on his ass. You can see Charlie in the hotel room with 3 girls that are walking around butt ass naked, the party ends up on a bed on the second level of the room and seems to have been a mobile phone propped up catching the entire “party”. The video run time is about 20min give or take of the women going to town on each other and then enters Charlie to get his from the girls that seem to be fighting over who is going to get to suck him off first. HAHAH! Must be nice!

Calls to Charlie’s reps about the videos have not been returned to us personally, however he has gone on record with 20/20 stating: “I like to party, everyone knows I like to party… there is no shocker there mate.” God we love Charlie’s attitude ;)

[UPDATE] – A new video of what is said to be… get this… Charlie, ex-wife Denise and ex-wife Brooke getting crazy together after drinking all day has hit the videos section and according to sources is a real humdinger. You never get to see the face of the man reportedly recording Denise and Brooke going at each other, you get to see the action from his point of view and to be honest we have no complaints here ;) After thinking about this a bit it all makes complete sense as both Brooke and Denise are “good friends” and both have admitted to being bi-sexual friendly and Charlie, well he is Charlie. LOL

[UPDATE] – RadarOnline who we might add tends to fib often… claims that it has seen several gay sex tapes of the actor, who at the time the footage was taken was allegedly smoking a crack cocaine pipe before getting down and dirty with the unidentified man and that Charlie had spread herpes to his lover causing a massive lawsuit. Radar is also claiming that Charlie was the celebrity everyone was talking about that was involved in a $20M lawsuit in Vegas. So at this point it seems that Charlie had STD’s and then contracted the HIV virus and still had sex with his many lovers like it was nothing. There has also been several reports of those past lovers lawyering up to get paid. This is not a good time for Charlie.

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