Oh how we would love to say this was the real deal, however so far all anyone has of Charlize Theron is a skit from Funny or Die. However, word is that there may very well be a Charlize Theron sex tape video made back in the day when she was 19 years old with an un-known ex-boyfriend.

If you remember, funny or die ran the same type of video with Eva Mendez and that video got the public in a huge frenzy searching for the video that turned out to be Eva promoting her sex tape (ya know like painters tape lol).

Like you, we would love to see some real video of Charlize Theron leak but for now this will have to do. She sounds like she would tear your ass apart in the sack Funny or Die Video Link and we are not into pain over here.

As far as the sex tapes with her ex-boyfriend, we have contacted her reps for comment on the footage as well.

[UPDATE] – The sex tapes claimed by Charlize’s ex have been leaked and most people seem to think they are really her, though we can not confirm nor deny the videos. They are damn good though either way!