American comedienne, actress, author, talk show host and producer on the late night talk show “Chelsea Lately” has been busted in the latest celebrity scandal with the Chelsea Handler sex tape porn video and according to recent reports it’s damn good and kind of funny at the same time. If you know anything about Chelsea you will know that she is a very sexual woman and says publicly that she has many sexual partners and does not give a s**t what people think.

In the videos she is as nasty on tape as she is on tv… well a little worse lol. The sex tapes are said to have been filmed in 2009 with animal trainer and television producer Dave Salmoni with a run time of about 20min featuring the couple getting down and dirty at home recording the entire thing on a camcorder. Chelsea has been known to be a bit of a firecracker and to be honest she scares us a bit but in the video she is said to really own Dave the entire time basically “making him her bitch”.

Chelsea also has a tape that she did as an interview and during the interview/audition with the male in between the questioning she was having sex with him for real, no joke she was making a tape that was more like an interview and had sex with the dude in between the questions and said she shows the video at parties as a joke. This woman is bat s**t crazy and we love it! When asked about the tapes she said “I added the sex scenes to my audition tape to appear as if we had accidentally taped over my homemade sex tapes”. Not sure if it was a mistake of not, but seeing Chelsea getting nasty leak or not is good enough for us! The video is of good quality and shows Chelsea taking it doggy style like a champ for about 20 minutes.

Calls to Chelsea’s reps have not been returned as of yet, however she “jokes” about her sex tapes all the time on the Chelsea Lately show and has confirmed that the tapes are in fact of her and said that “I have no problem with being nude and having sex on tape, if that is what people want to see is me having sex with some random guy then so be it.” She has said she is going to be Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian all rolled into one. We doubt that, but good luck!

[UPDATE] – There is video said to be Chelsea and get this her boyfriend 50 cent. We have taken a look at the video and can say without a doubt it is Chelsea and 50 cent. The only issue though is that in the video we looked at there is really no sex, it is just the couple messing around together.

[UPDATE] – After Kim Kardashian did the whole nude Paper magazine photo shoot, Chelsea was quick to put her own spin on on the crazy nude photo spread and decided to compete with Kim taking a bunch of nude selfies of herself mocking Kim’s nude pics that were titled “Kim breaks the internet”. We love a celebrity that has no problem getting naked! Thanks Chelsea!!!

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