UK X-Factor judge Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini ‘Chezza’ is known as an English singer and banging hot fashion model and now may be known for the absolutely sexiest celeb sex tape star ever! Reports surfaced about a week ago that Cheryl and now ex-husband and restaurateur Jean-Bernard whom she did everything she could to keep the marriage together but in the end had no other option but to end the relationship.

The sex tape makes total sense as she went on record saying that “I had done everything I could to keep the relationship going and the spice in our love life but the jealously was in the end t much to handle.” Well according to euro gossip columns even though Jean said they will stay friends he was pissed and showed a video of the couple having sex to his friends that eventually got leaked to the public showing what is said for sure Cheryl giving Jen-Bernard a nice little blow job while she played with herself at the same time. After a while of that they trade spots and in POV mode and Jean Bernard goes to town on her like he is eating at an all you can eat buffet, throwing what appears to be slobber everywhere. He told close friends “She gave the best head I have ever had, I am going to miss her”. We can see that Jean! lol

There was also said to be video of Cheryl and her first husband that was going around however after taking a look at that video it does not seem to be Cheryl but there is little denying that the blow job video does in fact seem to be her.

We have put in calls to Cheryl’s reps but have yet to hear back on the tape that was said to have leaked through her now soon to be ex-husband.

[UPDATE] – A very close friend has gone on record saying that “the reason why the marriage ended was because of jealousy issues that Jean-Bernard had against any man that even came close to Cheryl. He would basically be in rage at times, he was always so worried that she would find someone better.” Well, we could see why now Jean-Bernard may have wanted to get back at the X-Factor judge.

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