Chloe Mafia or better known as Khan has been our most recent celeb to admit to her sex tape being the real deal in what many say is an attempt to become the next Kim K. Chloe is no beginner to creating a buzz in the media showing off her extremely sexy assets as even just recently she had a professional shoot where her boobs where busting out so hard that her nipples squeezed their way out for the pics. She is known for her role on the X-Factor, naughty Instagram pics, Playboy ties and her music recording attempts through well known producers that we think are in it for something other than the voice. LOL

Now as far as the tape going around of Chloe, it is a simple tape that was filmed at the Playboy mansion of her with an un-known very young male so we know for sure it was not Spearmint Rhino CEO John Gray who she was with for a very long time. The tape shows Chloe sucking on the young mans penis very well we might add and then turns around and starts rubbing his cock on her pu**y through her underwear. One thing leads to another and next thing you know the underwear comes down around her ankles and the sex ensues. If it is in fact Chloe we must say it was everything we thought it would be including some very good vocals of “oh yes baby f**k that pu**y” and “tell me how it feels baby” son on and so forth. The video and audio quality is top notch and you see some great stretching action and a bit of anal play. All and all a must watch.

[UPDATE] – We contacted Chloe’s management team and got the following: “We are unsure at this time about the tape of Chloe but we ask for her privacy to be respected. On another note, 2016 looks to be a big year for Khan as she is in works with several producers in the Miami area to complete her album.” Wtf, we asked about the sex tape and they plugged her up coming album?! Ah, the entertainment industry at its best!