Hot young actress Chloe Sevigny gives actor/director Vincent Gallo a full deep throat blowjob (voted one of the best sex tape blow jobs ever seen next to Superhead of course) in the new Chloe Sevigny sex tape video!

In Europe they call it Art house, while in the USA they call it porn and this movie was so hot it remains unrated and unreleased in the USA as there is real blow-jobs and stuff like that does not fly on American television. Chloe also had full blown sex video leak of her with a man that she was having sex with outside of a local club she attended and was caught on video by simply a group of guys walking down the street, though she knew they where there she never misses a beat.

Calls to Chloe’s reps have not been returned as we are unable to find who her representatives are, but we did leave a message on her voice-mail to give us a call for comment. No word yet…

[UPDATE] – Yeah, we got a call back from Chloe and she has stated much like Katie Price did “Look I enjoy sex, if I were a man it would be ok right?… well f**k that I did what I did and do what I do and will not apologize.” That’s is what we like to hear!

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