Chris Brown has been caught up in a couple sex tape video scandals one with superstar Rihanna and one with a hooker/stripper from a local Atlanta gentleman’s club.

The first Chris Brown sex tape video with Rihanna is simply video of the power celebrities playing around and shooting nude footage together. The second Chris Brown sex tape video features a not so sexy stripper from an Atlanta strip club (tattoo’s everywhere), showing what appears to be Chris being pleasured while one of the other girls catches the entire thing on her cell phone at the actual strip club in the VIP section.

As always we will not say if it is Chris Brown for sure, but we suggest you take a look at the video and see for yourself as the appearance is real damn close and who can turn down nude content of Rihanna?. LOL! The video of the stripper in the strip club does according to reports plain as day show Chris Brown and his crew drinking it up and having a great time getting played with by the girls getting paid like crazy for being very touchy feel’y with the men. Hey we thought you could not touch strippers??!!! We guess that rule does not apply to guys with Chris Brown’s status.

We tried to contact Chris Brown’s reps however we never received a response on either one of the sex tapes.