OJ Simpson’s ex-girlfriend of 13 years Christie Prody is shopping interracial sex tape footage around to many porn companies calling it simply the Christie Prody sex tape video.

The male in the video is not OJ Simpson AKA “The Juice” it is Christies rebound dude after OJ was sent to prison for robbing some dude at a Las Vegas hotel and the judge in the case threw the book at his ass for kidnapping and armed robbery. The video was made with state of the art equipment and is very well shot in good lighting with a run time of over an hour, so we are assuming that the video was made on purpose to try and further her D-List celeb status.

Christie’s ‘tigo bitties’ AKA: (big celebrity boobies) would force us to watch the video for sure, they are huge and even more rare… real!

We have tried to contact Christie for comment however she has no management or reps as the go to for information. Oh well, good stuff anyways.

[UPDATE] – There is now video that Christie was said to have leaked of her having sex with OJ Simpson.