Christina Aguilera at 21-years old was not ashamed of her hot body at all, nor should she have been especially after making what is said to be the Christina Aguilera sex tape video.

This nude video tape featuring her great tits, sweet round ass and that belly is to die for… says fans of the then skinny Christina. Run time is about 13min and features Christina or someone that looks a hell of a lot like her (we believe it is her) having sex with an un-known male at what appears to be a invite only plush Hollywood party and the action goes down in a back room with the male and another very sexy female.

Calls to Christina’s reps have not been returned, though she has most recently said on “The Voice” that she has had a few scandals leak, when she was talking about trying to stay out of the paparazzi preying eyes, keeping window blinds drawn etc.

[UPDATE] – There is new rumors floating around that Christina has more video with one of her dancers in a motel room, that is supposed to be pretty damn good filmed from a laptop camera that was rolling without either one of them knowing about it and recently hit the net.