Christine Flores AKA Christina Milian who is a famous American & UK actress and singer-songwriter that has worked for a lot of big music labels like Def Jam, Island Records, Interscope Records and most recently Young Money Entertainment has been busted in what is said to be a very nasty sex tape of her with ex-husband Nick Cannon. Nick who if you remember is having his own scandals with a few tapes of him floating around with other women other than his ex-wives most notably Amber Rose and is known to be very sexually active and a bit of a perv. LOL

The rumors are saying the the video of Christina and Nick were filmed sometime in 2004 as the video itself has a date of 9/23/2004 that has been looked at and that the only reason why Christina agreed to do the sex tape was because of marital problems in the bedroom (Nick was saying that the couples sex life was boring and that was why he cheated all the time). Anyways, the video is said to feature Christina going down on Nick with some very sexy black lingerie on, candles lit and glasses of wine in the room… basically the whole 9 yards as an attempt to spice up the couples bedroom life. The sex on the tape is very good and features a fa-nominal doggy style scene where you can hear that Christina is incredibly wet by the sploshing sounds. lol Now there is some sites out there claiming to have the videos but when we took a look we can say easily that they are not of the couple. With that said, sites like pornhub and xvideos are very well known to always have bulls**t videos claiming to be the real deal to simply drive traffic and make money off the advertising. So until we see the real deal and can verify the authenticity we are going on record saying we have not yet seen a real tape of Christina that we can verify. Though what people are saying about the tapes makes it sound like a great flick and we hope to have our hands on the real deal very soon. We do kind of feel for Milian a bit as she has been cheated on by every single dude she has been with and something does not seem right with that… but we all know by now that finding a hip hop/Rapper that does not cheat on you would be like finding a lake in the middle of the desert.

Calls to Milian’s reps have been returned: “We are unaware of the tapes in question existence, however if there is video of our client performing any sexual acts on tape out there we can say with confidence that Christine has not provided any permission to post said videos on any site and will take appropriate action.” Well there ya go.

[UPDATE] – Nick was asked outside of Club Pure in Las Vegas about the sex tapes with Christina Milian that are rumored to be floating around and he replied “Don’t you know why we broke up, it was like having a relationship with a nun. I am not admitting to s**t until you show me you have them.” Ah, so you are saying they are real then?! Gotcha! Also, Christine has been seeing Lil’ Wayne a lot lately who we all know has some issues with Nicki Minaj. Seems like the hip hop community just keeps trading partners.

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