Hollywood actress Christina Ricci is known for showing her hot body everywhere and to everyone she can wearing transparent jersey’s and we see her hard nipples every time she appears on public, those tits are a work of art! Now with the Christina Ricci sex tape video that is making rounds on the net fans of Christina have been going absolutely nuts over the new videos said to be Christina.

The video features Christina or someone that looks a lot like Christina having very ruff sex on tape with some lucky ass dude and fans believe without a doubt that it is in fact Christina as the resemblance is stunningly similar. The tits are just perfect and in the video she is very loud letting people around her know that she is defiantly enjoying what is happening at the time lasting for about 18 min.

Christina has a very girl next door feel that her fans love about this all to sexy celeb. The video was shot in what appears to be her younger teenage days and as every fan knows Christina was quite the wild child around the same time into drugs, alcohol and yes sex.

Calls to her management about the Christina Ricci sex tape video have been un-answered thus far though she has been asked about them before and her reply was simply “I have made some videos in the past who has not?!” We love when celebs come right out and say they have sex tapes.