She was the anchorwoman of the Journal Du Hard, on the pay-TV channel Canal+, from September 2001 to August 2008 and now she is famous for the Clara Morgane sex tape video.

She also writes sex advice columns in a few French magazines for teenagers and adults. In France, she often appears on national TV and provides a kind of socially acceptable, family friendly representation of porn. Clara is no rookie when it comes to sex and scandals as there is not one but several videos of the sex goddess that has hit the net and several of those is her showing how to masturbate to a full orgasm. She was also most recently caught having sex with a local co-star on the set of an interview right before the interview that was filmed by the production team when they where told to not film what was going on.

There is several girls that are good at sex but there is only a handful that are perfect and Clara is one of those rare breads.

[UPDATE] – After one of her masturbation teachings for women looking for orgasms went so well she has not become the spokesperson of the sex toys used. Clara said to reports “It’s great to be paid doing something you love”. We say bravo!