One of our all time favorites Nicole Natalie Marrow or better known as Coco Austin has been caught up in her very own Coco Austin sex tape video scandal recently with about 30min of video and around 50+ nude photos.

Coco during a recent filming of “Ice Loves Coco” had mentioned to one of her girlfriends that she personally had some nude video and pictures floating around and that Ice T was a little pissed off that she did that as the video shows Coco walking around completely butt ass naked flaunting that big ol’ sexy booty of hers! There is also a hardcore sex tape video of Coco with an ex-boyfriend from around 1998 before she had met and married Ice-T in 2001 that is a full blown sex tape and according to reports the video is grade A for a celebrity sex tape made that year and Coco was a complete firecracker in the sack as expected.

Ice T was according to reports pretty upset that the video of Coco and her ex had leaked and tried to remove the video however gave up as “once a video hits the net in any way it is done”. And as everyone knows this is not the first scandal of Coco as she herself has leaked tons of nude pictures of her junk several times.

Calls to Ice-T and Coco’s reps have gone UN-returned thus far, however we all know already how Ice feels about it though he is the one taping that ass now so I bet he will get over it.