Oh jeez, where do we start with American singer-songwriter, musician, actress and artist Courtney Love as according to several sources there is tons of sex tapes, nude photos and just pretty much anything you are looking for of this woman. Courtney as we all know of course is most famous for one single reason… and that is she was Kurt Cobain’s (lead singer of Nirvana) main squeeze, a bit crazy and in and out of drug rehab it seems every other month.

In some of the videos they reportedly show Courtney having sex in get this… bedrooms, bathrooms, in public, balcony’s etc etc. the list goes on and on. There is also a huge collection of pictures from her getting nailed to showing her private parts to fans at her concerts. Hell there is video of her getting finger banged while doing a crowed surf at one of her singing venues, it was said that about 5 different guys jammed their fingers in her and she not one time pulled away.

Calls to Courtney’s reps have been returned and they said: “Fuck you, you guys suck and have no life”. Holy crap how did they know all that?!

[UPDATE] – Yet another video of Courtney acting crazy has according to reports leaked of her in a VIP section in a club in LA where she is eating another girl out and then sucks on one of the guys peckers that was at the same table. We are pretty sure they all went and had an orgy after that night of priming up.