A Cristiano Ronaldo sex tape video scandal just became the real deal according to recent reports that features his super model girlfriend well known Irina Shayk.

In the sex tape scandal the duo was said to have been caught on film at a local nude beach having full blown sex that was caught on tape by local paparazzi that “happened” to be in the area. The video in question shows football stud Cristiano first putting lotion on Irina, however this must have been to much for him to deal with (as we could understand) as he instantly started rubbing on her private parts. After a bit of foreplay Irina puts her hand down his pants and proceeds to please the soccer stud, then out comes his junk and he pulls Irina’s swimsuit to the side and the match begins!

Cristiano Ronaldo is no newbie to scandal as he was arrested for rape in October 2005, though the charges where later dis-missed in court. Chrisiano has also been very well known to be a bit of a player and has been said to “get around” and this is not the first sex tape of him to surface to the net.

Calls to Cristiano’s reps about the sex tapes have gone un-returned, though we are pretty sure he would rather not talk about it since every time he is in a scandal it turns out bad for him.