Danielle has recently been caught up in a very nasty homemade video called the Danielle Staub sex tape video and we must say she does a pretty damn good job, however her body looks like a plastic surgeon training ground. LOL

Danielle Staub sat down with “Popeater” website to talk about the Danielle Staub sex tapes and why she made them and the meaning she hopes to find in it.

“You know, like everything else I’m doing in my life, it’s coming around for a reason. I’m just going to wait and see why. My reaction is, “What are you going to do?” she said. “Can I borrow a million dollars to shut this down please?” No!’”

Danielle also talked about how the mystery man featured in the video made her feel beautiful despite her deformed, cold, hard boobs.

“I did have problems with my implants. They were very painful and they were not pretty and they became less pretty over time,” she said. “He didn’t have a problem with that.”

The video features Staub acting like a total porn star as she does some things that are normally not done on a normal sex tape video.