Ok ladies you can scream now as what appears to be the David Beckham sex tape video has recently leaked and unfortunately for him it was not with his current wife Victoria Beckham.

According to reports the soccer star or known as football in Europe David is featured in the video at a party around 2003 having sexual intercourse with Rebecca Loos (his ex personal assistant) all caught on a mobile device held by Beckham himself. They start out kissing and messing around while getting their drink on… however the video soon turns to a full blown David Beckham sex tape video in no time flat. We have seen the video in question and can’t tell either way if it is in fact David or Rebecca though the looks are very similar for sure, thus why such the buzz around the video.

We put in calls to Davids reps and we where told “David takes this very seriously and these videos will be looked into, however we ask for your privacy in this matter for his wife Victoria Beckham and the family”.

David has also just recently had some nude pictures leak of his junk. So we guess for all David fans all this content is a must see for sure!