Denise Milani known to most as “the new queen of eroticism,” has been caught up in a scandal that rivals some of the best ever leaked. This outrageously curvaceous Czech has established herself as the planet’s most popular non-nude glamour model thanks to her sexy photo shoots. However, the content in question that has leaked is definitely not non-nude and a full on sex tape video of Denise and a well endowed uncut boyfriend from Europe that we guess is pissed that he was dumped and wants to get even with the beauty.

Rumor has it that the ex filmed the video while on a vacation with the simply amazing goddess of a woman. He is stating that the tape is approx 45min of the couple in a very heated lovemaking session that shows pretty much anything you can dream of while looking at Denise and those amazing naked boobs of hers. He said that watching her during the doggy style part of the video is enough to make any man burst…We tend to totally believe that! ;)

Denise has tried like crazy to not take it all off for companies that have offered up very large sums of cash for her to do so. We guess her ex is going to make this easy and we would like to thank you… whoever you are! She also went on record recently saying she thinks she knows exactly why men find her simply irresistible. “I think men find me attractive because of my innate confidence and confidence is very sexy.” Yeah Denise, we can go with you on that.

Calls to Denise’s reps have not been returned, though we have left about 3 messages because we are very interested in what Denise has to say about the tapes. We are all ears Denise… hit us up! Recently Denise has been a real busy beaver though… with her modeling, completing her fitness certification and is now interested in creating a book, a Smart Phone application and a merchandising line. You go girl!

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