American actress, former fashion model and one of our all time favorite celebs Denise Richards has been busted according to reports in the Denise Richards sex tape video and according to sources the video does not disappoint.

Said to be filmed in 1997 the video looks to be Denise with an un-known male at a very nice house in what appears to be LA from the part of the video taken filmed from a balcony. Run time is about 26 min and features Denise with a very well hung male walking around butt ass naked filmed from what we think is an external pc camera pointed at the bed as the video quality is not the best. We do believe that the video was not set up and may have been filmed without the consent of Denise as she never looks at the camera not one time during the entire sexual encounter.

Calls to Denise’s reps have not been returned as of yet… Though she has gone on the record with NBC saying that “I am bi-sexual and love to make things interesting in bed to keep the spice in life going strong at all times.” WOWZERS!

[UPDATE] – Another video has just gone public said to be Denise Richards with Brooke Mueller and a male (*cough* Charlie Sheen *cough*) LOL where the 2 girls have a “pie” eating contest if you know what we mean for about 15 min and then the last few minutes of the video the male that is assumed to be Charlie Sheen gets to tag both of them from behind while they are still kissing on each other. The video is extremely good and for some reason is not being talked about as much as it should be, this one for us is considered an A+ sex tape!

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