Devin Star Tailes who is better known as “Dev” is an American rapper, singer and songwriter that will soon be well known for Devin Star sex tape video as well as her awesome music! Dev recently went on record about the video and said “yes it is me and my ex, this footage was never meant to hit the net”.

Dev is trying like crazy to block her tapes from going to the public,  claiming that “the seller is just someone who does not matter anymore trying to embarrass me.” Dev goes on to tell us… “My boyfriend at the time and I were young and having fun, it was a long time ago and that is where the Devin Star sex tape video came from, he is an ass for doing that.”

Dev recently filed a nasty cease and desist letter to various media outlets fully warning do not to publish the footage or else she’ll sue.

The video is said to be pretty nasty and features everything most sex tapes do. This video was totally not set up and was definitely not made to hit the public, but we all know how that usually turns out. LOL

UPDATE: We have been contacted by the individual selling the video of DEV and there is now an issue… The videos where made while she was at Sierra High School thus putting DEV under the legal age. We will keep you posted…