Donald Trump one of the worlds most powerful men according to reports is said to be wrapped up in his very Donald Trump sex tape video scandal after a private source leaked video recently said to be the Don exposed with super sexy Melanija.

The sex tapes where filmed in 2005 when Mr. Trump was dating super model Melanija Knavs and said to contain a very private moment having sex at an un-known local New York hotel. The video starts with Melanija playing around nude joking with Donald and then soon turns into a full blown sex tape of Trump and Knavs having sex on tape in the bathroom. The video is very good though we could not make out the faces to well as the video is very shaky and poor quality at best though the individual that leaked the video is adamant that it is in fact the couple and users that have seen the video seem to think the same thing.

Donald Trump denies the video is of him and/or his wife however it is said by individuals that have seen the video that there is no doubt at all that it is in fact Mr. Trump and his now wife.

Calls to Donald’s reps have been replied to and they say: “We have heard about the video, however Donald is adamant that it is not him”. Ok cool we will let users see what they think then ;)

[UPDATE] – Due to the 2016 presidential race and haters of Donald Trump, there is now a reward of over 100k being offered for any nude content or scandal of the Donald. Maybe they should have checked with us first. They are really pulling out all the stops to try and keep him out of the White House.

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