Dustin Diamond aka Screech, who starred in the American comedy Saved by the Bell has been caught up in a celebrity sex scandal labeled simply “Screeched – Saved by the Smell” the all new Dustin Diamond sex tape porn video.

Screech is one lucky guy, getting a threesome sex tape with two hot chicks that we guess are fans of Dustin. They Get naked, play with sex toys and eat each other out before sucking Diamond’s little willy and then getting banged hard by him from behind. The video was instant news the minute it came out as the video seemed to be a complete set up and features a “dirty Sanchez“, thus where the name of the video came from. LOL

Several sources say the entire tape was set up due to Dustin being broke as a joke and figured this would be a great way out of his debt after watching success from celebs like Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian. However, that was not the case as we have seen people thought the video was a complete joke and more funny than sexy. Dustin even tried to say that it was not him that was having sex with the girls in the video but that myth was later de-bunked by Dustin himself saying “him and his buddy both where having sex with them”. We guess he was a little shy about the entire world knowing he had an undersized carrot. David Hans Schmidt bought the rights to the video and has created several distribution relationships “so the world can see the very first Dirty Sanchez sex tape!” as he put it.

This video reminded us a lot of the Tom Sizemore sex tapes that he made with the hookers on the set of one of his many movies.

Calls to Dustin’s reps returned the following statement: “Dustin is aware of the leak of his personal sex tapes and is taking legal action against those responsible”. We did not know you could sue yourself? LOL!

[UPDATE] – There has been more video leak of the same night that was not seen before of Dustin talking with the girls about making millions off the video and they all agree to go at it with riches in the back of their heads (no pun intended).

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