OMG! One of our favorite celebs… bombshell model Emily Ratajkowski who is famous for being one of the top sex symbols according to Maxim after her stunning performance in the music video Blurred Lines and her feature in the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is now rumored to have a tape out there with musician Jeff Magid. According to reports we have been tracking Jeff had the video of the couple on his phone that was left at a restaurant and someone got there hands on it before he was able to get it back. Emily as we all know is no stranger to being nude on camera as she has several times posed nude for different publications and also leaked some of her very own nude pics online flaunting her pure sexiness.

The unknown individual at this time who supposedly got his hands on the phone said that the tape features the couple at home playing around at first in the video and then all of a sudden it cuts to Emily giving Jeff a masterful blowjob while he films in one hand and grabs her hair with the other. There is said to be no full blown sex in the video just Emily taking care of Jeff while he fondels her until he does his business on her at which point Emily starts to giggle and says “you better delete that s**t” Jeff then replies “are you kidding me I am keeping this s**t, that was awesome!” and then Emily says again “I do that anytime you want there is no reason to keep it.” while the couple laughs about it.

[UPDATE] – We have put in calls to Emily’s reps asking about the cell phone of Jeff’s that was lost/stolen and they stated that they are contacting the couple about the issue and will get back to us as soon as they get confirmation from one of them.

[UPDATE] – Emily was asked by paparazzi about any tapes of her out there recently when they caught her out on the town and she replied “Do I have any sex tapes out there? Yeah of course, who doesn’t, I am not going to hide and say that no I do not. People have sex, deal with it.” Damn Emily just scored another 10 cool points with us as a celeb that tells it like it is and does not try to hide her feeling about her sexuality.

[UPDATE] – Well here we go again, more video of what is said to be Emily has leaked, in what can only be described as one of the best masturbation videos of all time. Seems to us like Emily is starting to take a lot of advice from Kim Kardashian’s sex tape success, as they are now what appears to be best buddies. We took a look at the video and it does in fact look to be Emily, but as usual we will let the viewers decide for themselves. The video quality is very good and run time was about 8 minutes of solo fun.

[UPDATE] – Emily has been hit again in the most recent ICloud hacking scandal that has given us hundreds of new nude photos of one of our favorite supermodels. The pics are not just being playful, as they are straight up hardcore images. Even The Mirror reports the photos are extremely graphic, and we agree, they are straight up hardcore porn photos showing her completely nude, and in some of the pics touching/spreading her private parts. There was several other celebs hit in this most recent hacking as well, and of course we have put them all in the members area to check out for yourself.

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