Rising model Emily Sears has become the latest victim to leaked nudes and celebrity sex tape videos. Emily has become famous in the modeling arena very fast with her use of social media, and posting pictures of herself that makes every man and woman drool.

The sex tape said to be that of Emily, leaked just this last week and quickly became the talk of the town in LA. The video features what appears to be Emily after a nice little workout taking a shower, lathering up that big beautiful booty of hers in a very sexual way. She then exits the shower and goes over to the guy holding the camera looking as sexy as you could imagine and proceeds to pleasure him orally. After she has spent a few minutes downstairs on the guy she turns around and lets him get to work and finish on her back side.

We have seen the video and can say that it is very good and the overall quality is top notch. With that said, the only issue we have with the video is that you do not see her face in any closeups and though people are saying it is her, we can not confirm.

Emily has been asked about the tapes and thus far has not made any comments.

Emily’s social media Instagram account that gets dick picks sent to her on a daily basis from horney fans, has been blowing up. Her followers are getting ready to hit the 4 million mark after this last weeks spike in followers for some reason. lol