Eminem AKA: “Slim Shaddy” or “EMINƎM” or “Marshall Mathers” whew… has now been caught up in his very own celebrity sex tape video scandals with several groupie chicks and as we know by now groupies love to throw down in front of anyone including his security.

According to reports a 19 year old female that had been “hanging out” at a recording studio that Eminem was working with Dr. Dre at, supposedly an Eminem sex tape video was filmed of the rapper in the bathroom getting a delightful BJ by the young groupie chick. The videos are said to be real and shows the entire sexual encounter from start to finish and was being shopped by a private party. Everything starts in a studio with a few rappers smoking on some weed, laughing and having a good time… then going to the bathroom with the girl getting his “stuff” handled and then after words back to working and smoking some more bud. In the part of the video where they are hanging out, you can see Dr. Dre, Eminem and what appears to be 50cent and about 4-5 young girls with star struck (money hungry) eyes for the crew of celebrity superstars.

Calls to Marshall Bruce Mathers AKA Eminem reps where returned with the following comment: “We take these kind of rumors seriously and will be looking into the videos in question and ask for any information you may have that can help us”. Well we just gave them this post. hehe

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