Ok, all you Eric Dane fans can start to get excited as it seems as though there is a legit Eric Dane sex tape video in what could be considered an EPIC threesome! Featuring some of the hottest chicks in the celeb biz industry.

Anyways… Grey’s Anatomy stud Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart along with former Miss Teen USA/Playboy model Kari Ann Peniche apparently got down and dirty in a threesome sex tape video together while throwing down some heavy drugs back in the day. After banging down all those quality drugs a butt naked Eric Dane nailed his wife Rebecca Gayheart and beauty queen err… better known famous Hollywood madam Kari Ann Peniche.

In the sex tape video footage, the inebriated threesome lounges nude in the Studio City apartment belonging to Kari Ann, passing around the camera and just for giggles they start discussing what their names would be if they joined the adult film industry. HAHAHA! The video features about 25min of content from everything to jokeing around to all three of them having sex at the same time.

Calls to Eric’s reps have not been returned, though recently Kari Peniche was recently asked about the videos by the paparazzi and she said: “We had a great time with no regrets on my end… *wink* *wink*”