Bad Girls Club Miami reality show celeb Erica Langston has in fact been busted with her very own leaked sex tapes and claimed she had no idea that they would go live. However, we have investigated the issue thoroughly and what we have found may or may not surprise you. Seems that Erica had in fact made the tapes with her boyfriend in hopes of selling the content to a major distributor… in comes Vivid and pays her immediately for the content in question. Then little miss innocent Langston goes on record saying that “I have no idea what happened, I really did not make the tape with the intention of anyone other than my boyfriend seeing the videos. Celebs can be such big fibbers. LOL

Anyways, the video is of Eric and her boyfriend doing pretty much everything you can image would be on a sex tape with the run time in the hours and quality very good. The tape is an interracial video as her boyfriend is a black guy, so this is yet another interracial sex video to add to a enormous growing list. The scene where he hits her in the head with his penis is pretty damn funny, but our favorite part was the doggy style action as she takes the job like a real trooper.

Calls to Erica’s reps have been returned and they also state that the video was sold to Vivid and that the video was filmed about a few months prior to the sell. So yeah we can say without a doubt that this was another reality star gaining press through the making of her very own sex tapes. Though we must add that a lot of these reality star celebs are going about it wrong and need to hit us up before the release of any of their exposed content. But hey we are biased ;) Anyways, go check it out… you will enjoy it.

UPDATE – Erica was asked by paparazzi recently about her sex tapes “leaking” and she is still admit that she had no idea they would be released. We say… really?! Even though you signed a six figure deal? Come on girl just admit it and run with it! LOL