American actress Erin Cummings that has appeared in the television shows like Star Trek, Charmed, Dante’s Cove, The Bold and the Beautiful, Cold Case, Dollhouse and Spartacus has been caught up in her very own scandal that includes the now famous ICloud hack. The hacking scandal if you have not heard as of yet (have you been under a rock?) has effected 1000’s of celebs from all over the world after all the exposed content was leaked by several hackers via a known security flaw in the Apple ICloud application.

The content in question is extremely graphic pictures of Erin and short clips of her doing what people like to do in private. LOL Supposedly there was about 30 or so pics and a handful of naughty nude video content as well. We have seen some of the content and must say that Erin is extremely sexy when viewed butt ass naked and has a body to die for! The content was suppose to be for her sexy boyfriends eyes only but as Erin has learned along with all the other celebs, if you record anything on a digital device… chances are sooner or later the content will be seen by more than the individual it was taken for.

Calls to Erin Cummings reps have been returned: “We are looking into the issue and working in full with the local authorities as well as the FBI to try and find out exactly what happened and remove any/all content that shows my client Erin Cummings”. Well, that’s good to hear, however we will let you know like we let every attorney know… Once it hits the web, forget about it. ;) Erin has also gone on record saying “Whoever stole all my stuff is a sick twisted individual and will be dealt with sooner or later”. Kind of weird we think coming from someone that is so comfortable with being nude and posing nude for the camera but ok.