Ladies and gentlemen we now have a runner for the best tape ever that may just beat Kim Kardashian’s sex tape video you can watch here sales numbers and that would be… The Teen Mom Farrah Abraham full sex tape porn video that was just released! The tape was made with a stud in the stables of the porn industry by the name of James Deen who has starred in many adult films and was able to talk Farrah into making a sex tape because he said it would defiantly “further her celebrity status”. We have to admit the video is well done and Farrah is super hot just like Kim Kardashian was back in the day.

The video features very explicit well filmed scenes including an anal scene that is probably one of the best we have ever seen in a sex tape video. Run time is about an hour and shows Abraham doing everything from showing her kitty in public to having the anal sex scene that lasted for what seemed to be forever. The video rights where sold and released to the public just now and downloads are at an all time high for her very nasty tapes. So don’t just sit there watch the video and tell us what your thoughts on it are. We loved all of it!

[UPDATE] – Farrah recently went on record saying that she is glad she made the video she is celebrating her beautiful body. We agree 100% with ya babe ;)

[UPDATE] – Farrah has been on the reality show Couples Therapy and said that making the video was one of the worst decision of her life as she has had a hard time (no pun intended) with finding a reliable man. We just want Abraham to know that we are there for her anytime she needs. LOL

[UPDATE] – Oh Jeez… seems that there was some un-released footage that has made its way to the net and they are titling it “Farrah Abraham 2 Backdoor & More” as MTV Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, gets kinky & dominated in this exclusive never before seen footage as she gets banged in the butt over a sex swing & totally raunchy on a stripper pole until she begs for more! Not sure what happened to all those tears from Farrah about how making her sex tape was her worst decision in life ever. Guess she had a change of heart.

[UPDATE] – Mrs Abraham is pissed off at Vivid for “not following through on money said they would pay me” and has decided for a career change… now stripping in an Austin, TX strip club that gave her a very large sum of money up front, a new car and paid her rent to start her out. Wow! We have been to some strip clubs and heard of them trying to bring in “talent” but damn, they really must have wanted Farrah as we have never heard of a club kicking in like this for a stripper to come work for them. Farrah said “Vivid did not follow through on promises of money so I need to do what I need to do to survive”. Well said Farrah… well said! On another note this is not the first time that Vivid has been accused of not paying what they promise to their stars and we are sure will not be the last. When will these celebs learn to come to us.

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