Fred Durst singer of Limp Bisket has been busted on the tour bus getting random blow jobs and sexual favors from girls that like to bang rock stars and we have the Fred Durst sex tape video to prove it.

The sex tapes where taken and leaked by a close friend of Durst that simply said “hey I wana get paid to!” Fred Durst is also a regular at the Playboy mansion supposedly getting down with orgy like situations.

The best video shows a very young blond girl sucking Fred like it is her last supper while a friend of Durst records the entire meeting. One thing we know for sure by now is that groupies will do and say anything to get their time with famous celebrities as the same girl earlier was recorded sucking off one of Fred’s security crew (we are guessing that is how she made it onto the tour bus). One thing we did notice was that Fred is definitely lacking size in the lower area, though you would not be able to tell the way the girls throw themselves at the rocker. LOL!

Calls to Fred’s reps where never returned though he did tell the paparazzi that his friend is an ass hole trying to profit on something that should have never been filmed.