Porra! Seems to be that Gemma Collins who is famous in her own right for being a cast member of the ITV2 reality show The Only Way Is Essex has been caught up in her very own sex tape video rumors. Gemma recently told euro paparazzi when asked about the tapes that yes she is worried that the tapes that have come up missing are going to end up on the net. Now, we don’t normally see or hear about celebs of Gemma’s weight having tapes leaked… but hey, if they are a celeb… we are reporting on it!

So, basically the story goes like this… Gemma made a tape with fellow cast member James “Arg” Argent that she used to date. Then rumors started surfacing of users downloading her naughty videos and she freaked out blaming err…asking James wtf happened. The video is Gemma giving James a BJ and then she does a little bit of masturbation that then leads to the then happy couple going at it like bunnies. Gemma is not new to celebrity scandal as in 2011 she did a full spread nude photo shoot for Heat magazine based in Europe… so the sex tape is not really that surprising to us. Personally we are not into big girls, but hey if that is your thing it would definitely be worth your time to take a look at her stuff.

Calls to Gemma have gone un-returned thus far… however we have left about 3 messages for her on her cell phone. We are still waiting to hear back and let us know what’s up with this entire deal.

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