And yet another “Baywatch” babe sex tape Gena Lee Nolin bites the dust in the Gena Lee Nolin sex tape video that has leaked and caused a download frenzy amongst her loyal fans.

Apparently, in the mid 1990’s, between her 3 breast augmentations, she found time to make a porn video with her then-husband Greg Fahlman. It looks like Greg kept the sex tape and a woman he later became involved with stole it and the tape ended up being sold to some porn site. Oh well, more fun for us! The video features the couple really getting down and dirty for about 25minuts of fun, most of the video shows Gena getting it doggy style right in the middle of the living room floor. There is also about 10min of additional footage of her giving Greg a very nice BJ and even lets him finish on her face… what a trooper!

Calls to Gena’s reps have not been returned however she told tabloid magazine STAR that: “I am hurt that Greg would let something like this happen I thought we where still good friends and I had no idea he still even had the videos.” Well there we have it, straight up admits they are the real deal, though we kinda already knew. ;)

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