Gene Simmons is a rock music legend, he’s sold million of records, he has 100’s of millions of dollars and he claims to have slept with more than 4600 women in his life. Now we have some proof of the Gene Simmons sex tape video!

His partner for this sex tape is an absolute bombshell named Elsa, who until now was just a no-name promo girl, lucky for her Gene decided to put his famous tongue in her UN-famous twat and now we have the uncut footage for you. The videos feature Gene and Elsa going at it for a good 30 min taking turns who gets to be on top and the rumors are true Gene really knows how to work his tongue as the girl about starts crying with pleasure when Gene is going down on her. There is several other videos of groupies taking care of Gene any chance they can.

There is also reports that Gene and his wife are in the elusive high class swinger society that is a by invite only swinger club. We can also believe Gene has slept with that amount of women he says he has as even a person we knows wife had slept with Gene back in the day before she was married… what are the odds.

If you are a KISS fan or just love Gene Simmons and dream about his tongue than this is a must see for you for sure!

Calls to Gene’s reps have gone un-returned as of right now, however Gene was pretty pissed off when the video went live because he had not licensed the content and was not able to remove the video right after it hit the net.