Georgina Baillie is Andrew Sachs owner of Fawlty Towers granddaughter and has been caught up in the Georgina Baillie sex tape video scandal recently that is said to be one of the most extreme sex tapes ever made by a celeb.

Two British radio personalities, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand left a message on Sachs answering machine while on the air and blurted out that one of them had slept with Georgina and got it on tape as a joke. However, the publicity generated by this prank led to the discovery that Georgina was in a performance porno group called the Satanic Sluts that recorded their very weird sexual experiences in full un-edited detail. This video we must warn you has some parts that if you do not know about satanic rituals you may want to not watch like full on rape scenes are used and seem to be very real (though we are told they are not) but damn the girl is very convincing that she is being violated.

Calls to the Sachs have gone un-returned and any time that Grandpa Sachs was asked about the Satanic sexual rituals by his granddaughter… he just gets all red and says nothing about them.