As we have previously reported Gisele Bundchen was caught up in the Gisele Bundchen sex tape video scandal involving what appears to be her ex super star boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio.

The sex tapes appear to show Gisele and Leonardo after a party held in London of the two having sex on tape at a local very high class motel room on a handheld device. Featured in the video according to reports is full blown sex for about 38minutes in several different positions. The couple can then be seen walking around having normal conversation for a while seeming as though they forgot the handheld device was still recording. The male who is said to be Leonardo can not be made out very well and we can not say for sure if it is in fact him or not due to the blur, asnd in our opinion the video is not of Gisele or Leo, but we will leave it up to you guys to decide what you think about the sex tape of Gisele and Leo for yourself.

A call was not only made to Leonardo’s management but also Gisele’s reps as well though we have not heard anything from the models reps as of yet.

[UPDATE] – Gisele has been caught up in even more nude content recently after still images from a new video have leaked showing the supermodel taking off her towel playfully showing her entire body. We have got to say as far as bodies go… Gisele has one of the best we have ever seen!

[UPDATE] – Rumors are swirling of a Tom Brady and Giesele Bundchen sex tape video after Tom won the Superbowl 51… We have looked at the video in question and can with 100% confidence that the people in the video is in Tom or Gisele. Yet again, a popular tabloid did nothing but set up a clickbait link on social media that spread like wildfire. When are people going to learn. lol

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