Yes in fact Gwyneth Paltrow has a naughty video of herself and mega celebrity Brad Pitt according to sources and we are told the Gwyneth Paltrow sex tape video will be a great view for any fan of the power couple.

The video was shot by the paparazzi while Gwyneth and Brad where relaxing at a local hotel somewhere very sunny and beautiful. The paparazzi also took about 1000 pictures of the duo performing their sex acts, having a great time and smoking some… what smelled like great marijuana. The video shows Gwyneth grinding up and down on Brad while he is sitting in a chair looking out over the beach and the funny thing is they knew they where being filmed as they kept looking over towards where the paparazzi where hiding in the bushes laughing about it.

If you are a Gwyneth Paltrow or Brad Pitt fan this would be a must see sex on tape video for sure, you may not be able to see that much but you do see some private parts flopping around a bit if you know what we mean. ;)

Calls to Gwyneth’s and Brad’s reps on the sex tapes have not been returned as of yet… Though they where filmed a while back and Brad has now been with Angelina Jolie for a long time now and well she has had her own issues (Billy Bob).